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Strategic Saving Solution
Smart Software

5S Control monitoring solutions help you maximize equipment utilization while simultaneously enhancing your existing CCTV system.

5S Control integrates seamlessly and securely, providing enhanced monitoring without the need for costly replacements.

5S Control – where advanced monitoring meets optimal equipment utilization.

automation of manufacturing process, machine learn, worker uses tools
worker use tools

Automized supervision of production processes

You save material for re-doing, time for production, and the customers get their deliveries on time.

step by step automation
step by step automation

how it works

1. choose livestream

Choose a live stream from IP camera,
pre-recorded video or use smartphone app.

choose livestream

2. Set protocol

Define the rules and protocols for the system to track.

set protocol

3. Get data

Get live alerts and reports.

get data

improve safety and reduce costs with 5S Control


Free Forever

Lean is for everyone, so is 5ControlS. Open source and free to use.

open source

Сlone the software

Сustomize the system

Fully enclosed on-site solution


One camera support

System load balancing

Personal integration and configuration

Support (response within 1-3 hours)

User training program



Integration with ERP system

Enhancement of existing algorithms

Development of new algorithms
tailored to your needs


Calculate the benefits of implementing 5S Control for your business by uncovering
employee Inefficiencies and minimizing unplanned downtime.

Number of workers tracked in total: 10

The effectiveness of 5S Control is closely related to consistent and comprehensive video monitoring of employee activity. The 1st stage is usually initiated in a limited area before scaling to the entire premises.

Mean yearly employee pay: $10.000

Average Gross Annual Salary & Average Annual Financial Benefits.

Average hourly cost of downtime:

What would be the cost to your company if business was disrupted for 1 hour? This figure can vary widely based on industry and company size. We use statistics.

Yearly average downtime hours: 800

Statistically, the average downtime is about 800 hours per year.

Unscheduled downtime: 40%

Total downtime equals scheduled downtime (e.g. maintenance schedules) plus unscheduled downtime (e.g. due to equipment failures).

Advantages Realized from 5S Control Implementation

price of employee inefficiency reduced by:


expenses from unscheduled downtime reduced by: