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AI Digital Assistant

The ultimate AI-powered digital assistant for your business. With its extensive expertise in your industry, business operations, customers, and company history, it's like having a second brain at your disposal. Communicating in plain and friendly language, ChatGuru effortlessly tackles even the toughest questions and offers invaluable recommendations. 

By serving as a knowledge repository and intelligent interface, ChatGuru aims to be a powerful partner that accelerates your business and helps you to stay ahead of the competition. 

ChatGuru is an on-premise solution. With this model, you and only you control your data and infrastructure, ensuring that your info remains secure and private.

Remember: the value of GhatGurtu would increase substantially as its knowledge base grows.

ChatGuru offers a multitude of valuable advantages

Strategic Advantage
ChatGuru gives you the edge by tracking 
the market trends and spotting new opportunities.
Guarantee of security
Only you will have an exclusive access to the personal files, safeguarding privacy and giving full control over the data.
Personalized Partner
ChatGuru tailors support and advice as it deepens its understanding of your unique goals and challenges.
Institutional Memory
ChatGuru prevents loss of expertise and institutional knowledge even when people leave.
Your Knowledge Multiplier
ChatGuru amplifies what you know to accelerate
business success. 
Competitive Analyzer
ChatGuru provides a strategic advantage
by conducting in-depth competitive analysis. 


Ability to input competitor’s data, our innovative platform empowers you to effortlessly track their every move. Compare strategies, analyze performances, and uncover hidden patterns in successes and failures. Gain invaluable strategic intelligence and get ahead of the game by predicting likely future actions. Enhance your business strategy and gain a competitive edge with ChatGuru.
Acting as a central repository of institutional and industry knowledge. By constantly learning from the insights and experiences you share, it prevents valuable expertise from being lost when employees leave.
Providing highly personalized support and advice. As it interacts with you over an extended period, ChatGuru would gain a comprehensive understanding of your goals, challenges, and preferences. This contextual knowledge would allow it to offer tailored, insightful recommendations.
Answering questions knowledgeably in real-time. For both you and your employees, ChatGuru could serve as a go-to source for reliable, up-to-date answers to questions about your business and customers. This saves the time and effort of searching for information.
Spotting patterns and opportunities. With its broad view of your data and operations over time, ChatGuru may be able to identify hidden patterns, inefficiencies, or new opportunities that humans miss by looking at smaller pieces of the picture.
Enhancing decision-making. ChatGuru's ability to spot patterns and opportunities can greatly enhance your decision-making process.


Experience innovative features without any commitment. Although this demo has some limitations, it will still provide you a comprehensive understanding of functions CHATGURU can offer you
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