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Completeness Video Control

With our innovative solution that fully integrates with your ERP system and puts you in control of the entire packing and preparation process for delivery. With this exclusive feature, you and your customers can easily monitor the contents of each package, ensuring nothing is left behind during production or shipment.

Productivity increased by 7.43% in 8 production plants, corporate profits increase by 8.05% in one year


Let the customer control the whole process
an order
Transfer the order to shipping
Deliver the order safely
Guarantee of quality

From the assembly phase to the final product, our algorithm meticulously captures and analyzes every detail of the packaging process in real-time and ensures that each item meets the highest standards of completeness and quality. 
Confidence in your services

There would not be any post-purchase concerns. Our advanced algorithm ensures that any customer worries regarding order quality or completeness are promptly addressed.
Transparency & loyalty

This feature empowers customers to personally verify the contents of their package. With just a few clicks, they can easily confirm that every item is accounted for, providing a sense of assurance and tranquility. In today's customer-centric world, this technology goes beyond automation; it elevates the overall customer experience. By proactively addressing any potential concerns, businesses can foster unprecedented trust and cultivate long-lasting loyalty
The future is now

Don't miss out on the immense potential of precisely crafted algorithms. Take your quality control to new heights and impress your customers at every stage with the Сompleteness Video Сontrol by 5controls. Experience it firsthand and witness the transformative power for your business!
workers responsible for equipment damage
Identify workers responsible for equipment damage
list of tools in case of damage or loss
Make changes to the list of tools in case of damage or loss
asset disposal records
Update your asset disposal records
the losses incurred
Specify reasons for the losses incurred
Consider analytics when planning
Consider analytics when planning
location of the drawdown to quickly fix it
Specify the location of the drawdown to quickly fix it