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Time & Attendance tracking system

5S Control  —  powerful tool for tracking employee attendance and providing dashboards visualizing analyses of all staff actions at the workplace. It is a convenient app that makes records of employees’ attendance and absence: check-in time (when they arrive at work) and check-out time (when they leave a working place). Such an attendance management system makes it possible to generate reports concerning time spent on a specific task.

Tracker for employee attendance

Employee attendance issues are under 5S Control

Functionality of a system for time and
attendance monitoring

Track the location of staff

Managers easily identify where a worker is located and don’t lose time wandering on premises.

Track idle time

If an employee spends time idle excessively, according to records made by monitoring software, managers can turn to the employee and ask for the reason for being out of work so long. If it is not a good reason, employers can make a decision on payroll payments.

Check the compliance with rules

Monitoring system generates reports in a timely manner and notifies managers via email in case of violations of any rules established on the enterprise.

Store data

Created analytics, regarding time and attendance of employees, is stored during a required period of time.

Generate detailed attendance reports

The wide range of reports and dashboards that show detailed data about employee attendance, their location throughout the premises, time spent both on work and breaks.

Track the attendance and absenteeism

It is easy to check the arrival and departure time of each employee.

Control absence and overtime time

Dashboards display employees who work in addition to their normal working hours, and  those who don't appear at their scheduled time.

Prevent accidents

Software recognizes movements of employees on-site and notify when employees approaching restricted areas, to avoid accidents and control access to dangerous zones.

Export data

Analytics generated by the attendance monitoring and tracking software system can be exported in PDF and Excel formats to make decision-making process more convenient.

The software for time & attendance monitoring is valuable due to its profound functionality. Dashboards provide an at-a-glance view on the accurate automatic records.

Work time reports

Registered time spent in a specific zone or time on doing a task.

Detailed time and attendance reports

Arrival and departure time of each employee.

Attendance management system to measure
productivity of employees

Management is useless without tracking attendance

A good leader sets targets to achieve, but also manages the whole working process. But there will always be something wrong if executives don’t pay attention to human resources. People - the basis, the moving force. A business should get much of it.
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Time & attendance tracker for each employee

When there are hundreds of employees, it is getting hard to control the absence or presence of everyone, especially when staff work on-site and need to move in multiple locations. Businesses find it value for money.

Are you sure that business is not losing money on payroll?

A profound dashboard shows the accurate statistics about all the employees and allows managers to control attendance of staff, their absence and measure their productivity remotely.
person monitoring

We offer a guarantee for your peace of mind

Dashboard to assess productivity of staff

person monitoring

Do your employees spend working hours efficiently?

Easy-to-understand dashboards display structured information about each employee: arrival and departure time, time spent on work and leisure, their exact location. Regulate payroll expenses with this data.

Developed for monitoring, software collects and update employee data, that is useful to manage payroll. 

When an employee is absent, they need more time to achieve targets, which has an impact on profit margins. The longer the delivery time - the less revenue a company gains. The solution is to reduce payroll or to track time and employee activity to impel them to work according to their schedule and hit the goals in a timely manner. Then there will be no need to reduce payroll, but create more value from exciting resources.

Custom time and attendance software solution

5S control provides custom development of time and attendance software systems for tracking and monitoring employees’ activity.

Additional functionality and Interface of attendance monitoring system can be designed on request.

Special offer
for the UK  
time & attendance software system  for free!

Special offer for the UK
time & attendance software system  for free!

Till the July 30 Implementation of time and attendance systems in the UK is for free. Any company has a unique opportunity to get automated software solutions to analyze efficiency of the workforce.


Calculate the benefits of implementing 5S Control for your business by uncovering
employee Inefficiencies and minimizing unplanned downtime.

Number of workers tracked in total: 10

The effectiveness of 5S Control is closely related to consistent and comprehensive video monitoring of employee activity. The 1st stage is usually initiated in a limited area before scaling to the entire premises.

Mean yearly employee pay: $10.000

Average Gross Annual Salary & Average Annual Financial Benefits.

Average hourly cost of downtime:

What would be the cost to your company if business was disrupted for 1 hour? This figure can vary widely based on industry and company size. We use statistics.

Yearly average downtime hours: 800

Statistically, the average downtime is about 800 hours per year.

Unscheduled downtime: 40%

Total downtime equals scheduled downtime (e.g. maintenance schedules) plus unscheduled downtime (e.g. due to equipment failures).

Advantages Realized from 5S Control Implementation

price of employee inefficiency reduced by:
expenses from unscheduled downtime reduced by:

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Experience innovative features without any commitment. Although this trial has some limitations, it will still provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what our software can do for you.
Rest assured that your business and other data is completely secure, our software is absolutely safe and reliable.

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