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Stock control

With automated inventory management system managers can effortlessly manage inventory levels and ensure smooth and uninterrupted production processes. Our software helps to facilitate supply chain management and keep up the optimal stock levels by providing real-time inventory tracking and analysis, allowing business executives to create informed decisions and avert costly production line stoppages.

Control stock levels via simple and user-friendly interface

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The aim of inventory management is to ensure such a quantity of goods that is enough to meet customer demand, meanwhile hedge against overstocking. The disadvantage of tracking stock levels manually is the necessity to keep an eye on each time of withdrawing or replenishing materials. Inventory management automation is a common practice to speed up monitoring and minimize human errors in forecasting supply chain demands. Dashboards with real-time data about stock levels with the exact amount of items provide actionable insights related to inventory forecasting.
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Let’s dive into benefits!

Inventory tracking software comprises a set of useful functions that facilitate inventory management and form the basis for material procurement.


Developed to facilitate inventory control, our AI-driven automated inventory management system lets managers know how many items and materials they have on hand in a warehouse in real time. This helps them avert overstocking or understocking and ensures that there is the right quantity of goods to meet production needs.


Do you know a manager who would refuse to get demand forecasting to keep up uninterrupted manufacturing processes? Addressing this common problem with forecasting supplies, we came up with an automated inventory management system that tracks the amount of material in the warehouse in real time. Ordering new supplies highly depends on an accurate inventory management method that presumes constant registration of product status: either they are in stock, or decommissioned and need to be resupplied. With automation material forecasting has never been so reliable!
inventory report
Ready-to-use automated inventory management system


Manual warehouse management requires a warehouse manager to maintain and update each record manually. Although it is time-consuming, managers are responsible for tracking each movement of materials in order to ensure uninterrupted manufacturing processes. Using our solution, chief officers are able to reduce their time and resources spent on monitoring execution of inventory management in production  and focus on core business activities. Human resources are absolved from monitoring stock levels manually, that boosts overall inventory business performance.

What kind of inventory management and control system do you use?

You can contribute to the annual survey aimed at evaluating techniques used for inventory control procedures executed by  management representatives.


Each industrial enterprise needs to have inventory management in order to produce enough goods to meet anticipated demand. The faster the company responds to the new order, the greater loyalty and reputation it gains thanks to immediate satisfaction of customer requirements. In addition to maintaining inventories and ensuring the right material in stock, automated inventory management systems stimulate increased sales and revenues thanks to taking advantage of quantity discounts. 

We make sophisticated technology easy for you to use

Automated inventory management system is integrated into a video surveillance system and transmits video streams from cameras installed in required locations. It processes data,  AI algorithms initiate the process of counting the amount of items on the shelves, and analytics is displayed  on the dashboards.
All you need to start tracking stocks with 5S control software are IP cameras, a router and a laptop. You can read more about installation in ou guide.

Once you enter the inventory control administrator page and start setting up the process, determine which area you would like to put under control.

You can book a demo version here.

The recently added item is highlighted, and you can see the exact amount of boxes in the selected area. Searching for records is easy: just type the name of the product or object on which the product is placed, and see its quantity.

Create item names with different generators and categorize them according to their common inventory attributes.

Automated inventory management system to assist management personnel

Even if your company owns multiple inventory warehouses in different locations, as a manager or management representative you can manage orders and warehouse transfers of stock right from a single system. Digital tools paves the time-saving way to control the movements of the inventory stock item.

What is S and M in inventory
tracking software?

The single-row algorithm is designed to precisely count the number of boxes stacked in one row.

The multi-row algorithm looks for a line marked with the tape that indicates safety stock.

The reason WHY one
should use automation for inventory management systems

Managers enter all data about product movement into an ERP System or Excel spreadsheet. But the quantity of items in the warehouse may not coincide with the figures indicated in the documents, for example, because the specialist wrote off the goods or used them for unplanned needs. That’s why visualization of stock levels comes in handy in addition to the existing stock management system. The example of successful inventory replenishment strategies that resulted in stock costs minimization is described here.

Designed for growing businesses

Time-saving inventory tools plus procurement and inventory management software

Our customers - our key value. We are aiming at meeting your requirements on the top level. For companies on a growth trajectory, when it comes to inventory tracking software development, in addition to basic features, and we on demand can add extra functionality to the customized stock management system, which is undoubtful value for money for any industrial enterprise or warehouse.

Control sales and orders

Get a real-time update of all your online inventory transactions and material order status. It is vivid from a centralized dashboard. The centralized inventory dashboard is installed for letting you know how many items have to be packed, how many were shipped. Have it all delivered on a single screen.

Smart automation of manufacturing inventory management

Every business has a lot of crucial reports like sales and inventory purchase history. With our stock control system and its tools all the inventory valuation gets automatically updated on a real-time basis. It gives the possibility to keep track of the entire sales activity. The process starts right from adding contacts of your leads and prospects and continues with creating sales orders, invoices and inventory managing sales and management on online marketplaces.

Monitor  purchases | From item management to order fulfillment

Add vendor details to your contacts and manage all your online bills plus inventory purchase orders in a single place. Automated inventory management system makes your buying and procurement process more effective while creating backorders or even converting your sales inventory orders into separate simple material drop-shipments.

Track items, intensify procurement

Tracking the movements of inventory items, whereabouts, along with the expiry date is the additional functionality of inventory management software. One can add the serial or batch number with an automated system for inventory control. Besides, when you ship products or materials to a buyer, the inventory goods are tracked until delivery.

Discover the potential of 5S automated inventory management system

Give it a test-drive to upgrade your inventory management toolkit with 5S cutting-edge software!