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Our mission

Our mission is to help customers improve production processes, reduce costs and increase profits. It's not an easy task, but…

We realize that little things play a huge role in the manufacturing process. That is why we pay attention to every tiny detail that can lead to excessive costs.

Our value

Our software allows you to control manufacturing operations, minimizing human errors and the volume of defective products. And if an error does occur, management is informed instantly, allowing for immediate corrective action.

Solutions by 5S Control also help those involved in the production process get rid of unnecessary searches and other useless actions, allowing them to save a lot of time.

your benefits

Using our AI-based software, companies save money, save materials, and increase productivity. Using 5S Control solutions also results in clear compliance with standards and regulations, allowing you to pass inspections such as certifications or audits easily and seamlessly.

The 5S Control team is constantly working to improve our product to help your production reach new heights of efficiency and profitability.

5S control
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Computer Vision for manufacturing.
Increase your profit!

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