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Installing 5S Control software - Part 2 - Docker

                                      And here we’ve come to Docker


Useful info5S Control uses Docker containers to give customers deployment flexibility. Docker is a containerization platform that packages an application and all its dependencies together as a docker container to ensure that the application runs smoothly in any environment. Docker is a very useful tool - you only need the Internet once or twice. After that, all the functionality of 5S Control becomes self-contained. That's why we emphasize that using our software is safe for your business.

Setting Up Docker

1- Install Docker from the command line as it is described in the Step 1 of the tutorial

2- Install Docker Compose from the command line as it is described in the Step 1 of the tutorial

3- Download the docker-compose.yml file from the official 5S repository

4- Open the folder with docker-compose.yml

5- Open the docker-compose.yml file. Change to your IP value in all IP,  server_url and link_reports variables

6- Change value of the REACT_APP_NGROK variable to either your domain if you have one or your IP in the format

7- Open the command line while the window with the folder with docker-compose.yml is active

8- Run docker-compose using the following command:

sudo docker-compose up -d

9- Wait for the installation to finish

10- Open your Chrome Browser and type localhost ( in

You will be directed to the 5S Control login page. Enter in login admin and password admin to log in.


As you have realized, it takes some knowledge and skill to use Docker. For more information visit this page


03 February 2023
Industry 4.0 Evangelist
5S control
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