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A true Problem Solver: Machine Control tool for handling complex processes

Questions we can answer for you using Machine Control:

  • Is the equipment breakdown very expensive for you?!
  • Is it important for you to control the equipment 24 hours a day?
  • For a person to be nearby and supervise?
  • Do you have semi-automated equipment?
  • Is it neglected? Although it is enough to approach the working machine every 5 minutes!!
  • How much does a breakdown cost you if something goes wrong while the machine is running?

What is it and what is it for?

It is used for equipment and machine control. How to understand how busy the machinery is and/or how much it pays for itself? The more loaded it is, the more money the plant gains. It is a rule. The most efficient equipment operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At the same time efficiency is to be improved. The term "efficiency" is connected with the peak level of performance that uses the least amount of inputs in order to achieve the highest amount of output. Efficiency requires reducing the number of unnecessary resources which are used to produce a given output, including personal time and energy.

work on the machine

Efficiency is a measurable concept. It can be determined using the ratio of useful output to total input. Increased efficiency leads to minimizing the waste of resources such as physical materials, energy, and time while carrying out the desired output.

Our machine control system will help you with finding answers to serious questions connected with efficiency. For example, how often the equipment is used, how efficiently it works as well.

And then new questions arose: 

How fully loaded is your equipment? What problems do you have if it is not fully loaded? Do you need new equipment? Do you need the production capacity to be increased? Do you have equipment downtime?

Be sure to make business decisions using Machine Control

Let's talk about possible Machine Control use cases. It can be useful while making different business decisions. 

3D printer

For example, you have bought the equipment; the suppliers want you to buy more of the same machines. And in our reports, it is reflected that your machinery is loaded only by 10 percent. That is, you do not need to buy new equipment, but your goal is to increase the load on the old equipment.

Kinds of equipment Machine Control is used with:

There is equipment that works without the presence of a person. Machine Сontrol works well only with the semi-automated equipment. It can be conveyors and stretch-wrap applicators, as well as pick modules, and layer-picking equipment.

At the same time, the equipment should not be too large in volume. In such cases we can detect well whether there is a person near the machine. When the person is near the machine, Idle Control is useful, when there is no person near the machine, Machine Control works well.

Machine Control

Evolution of Machine Сontrol is inevitable as it is done for handling ever more complex processes as operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) systems converge.

The manufacturing industry needs to become more flexible to meet growing customer needs, at the same time increasing efficiency and remaining competitive. The key component to achieve the goals has not changed. It is still a digital transformation.

Production is always at risk from human error. It can result in downtime, reduced product quality and/or product waste. The more the process can be automated the more the risk can be reduced.

15 February 2023
Business Analyst
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