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Case Study 1: LOGISTICS

Case Study: Optimizing Operations at a Logistics Warehouse in Klaipeda, Lithuania 

In the beautiful port city of Klaipeda, Lithuania, a logistics warehouse was struggling to optimize its operations. The management decided to use advanced technologies to increase productivity and efficiency.

Due to the confidentiality agreement, we cannot reveal the name of this company, as well as financial indicators “before” and “after” implementation. It should be noted only that the improvement of warehouse operations allowed our client to save more than 90 thousand euros at the end of the half-year.

The client, in their own words, contacted four companies that offered similar services. In some cases, the price was clearly too high, and in some cases, the service provider failed to meet technical requirements. 

As a result, the client chose 5S Control. And they made the right choice! Without good algorithms, CCTV cameras do not really solve problems, as they are constrained by the same human factor and the need to constantly monitor a large amount of footage. Our customer had video cameras installed, but they only created a false sense of control. 

Staff discipline & order fulfillment - the list of challenges was evident. The video monitoring system by 5S Control uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to turn video streams into useful data. This magic combo can help streamline warehouse management by providing insights into PPE use and other essential metrics. 

To begin with we provided the warehouse with 2 key algorithms by 5S Control: 

Staff Control algorithm was used to monitor staff performance and ensure compliance with safety and quality standards. Staff Control helped improve staff discipline by detecting violations, such as unauthorized breaks, improper handling of goods, or unsafe behavior.

Order Control algorithm was used to track order status and ensure customer satisfaction. Order Control helped optimize order fulfillment by verifying the accuracy and completeness of orders, as well as the timeliness and quality of delivery.

The implementation of the AI-powered video monitoring system by 5S Control had a remarkable impact on the warehouse’s operations. It not only reduced costs but also improved the overall efficiency. The management could track their progress with ease.

This case study demonstrates the power of using advanced technology in optimizing business operations and Quality maintenance and improvement.

It should be noted that 5S Control always starts by studying the specifics of the work of a particular company. Everywhere there are peculiarities, we take them into account. And we tailor our solutions to the client’s needs and capabilities.

17 January 2024
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